Shipping Your Cards Safely

When you are trading cards or just selling them online you need to ship your cards to someone. Shipping cards can be expensive and even more expensive if something happens to your $20 card you mailed out. So how do you make sure you cards get to the location safely?


Tracking is one of the most important things to have when shipping out cards that are valued over $5. This allows you to make sure it is delivered and if anything happens you are insurance with the tracking.

Top Loaders

Even if you have tracking, you cards getting delivered doesn’t mean anything if the card gets damaged in transit. Put your cards in Top Loaders! When I ship out my cards I put the card in a penny sleeve then in a top loaders.

Tons of people add tape to the top loader for extra protection. DO NOT DO THAT. Its supper annoying and your customer might damage the card them selves. Taping the top loader adds no protection.

Bubble Mailer

Instead of a white envelope go with a bubble mailer. They cost $0.75 each and they add more protection to the card. White envelopes can get damaged very easily and water will easily ruin them. Bubble mailers at a lot harder to tear and if they get wet, harder for the cards to get damaged.


Not that many people know about this, but when you ship your card you can ship it as non-machinable. In most cases when you ship a card, it will go through a sorting machine, which will have the bubble mailer go through a mail sorter and may damage the card. To make your package non-machinable you need to make the envelope thicker then 1/4 inch. Which can easily be done with a packing peanut.

Doing this to your cards that you ship out will help them get to people more safley and save you some money. You might think cheeping out on shipping will save you money, but it will only save you $1 each time you ship. But if 1 card gets damaged out of the 25 you send, and that card was $20. You will be glad you took those extra pro cations.

Old School YuGiOh Cards

Hey Old School YuGiOh fans we have good news for you! Have you ever heard of YuGiOh Orica cards? Well if you haven’t you are in for a real treat. A group of awesome people started up this company and they make YuGiOh cards. Now these aren’t just normal YuGiOh cards. These cards look like the came right out of the English Dubbed YuGiOh anime.

For example lets take a look at the screen shot from the anime. From Episode 29, Season 1, Duel Identity. Above is an image of YuGi’s Summoned Skull card. And then we have the image from YuGiOh Oricas. As you can see these cards are made to look exactly like they did in the Anime. The backing of the card uses an Official YuGiOh TCG card backing and feels like a real card.

We ordered a couple cards and here is our experience:

The cards came in a bubble mailer, and the card was in a top loader and penny sleeve. So even though shipping is free in the US on this store. They are not cutting corners and just mailing you a card in an envelope and hoping nothing happens to it. Enough about the packing, lets get to the card.

The card feels just like a real card, and looks amazing. I personally love keeping it in the penny sleeve and top loader and just displaying it as is. They look amazing, and really make a statement.

Now these cards are actually not tournament legal so don’t think you can order a $100 card, like the ones we discussed in our article about the expensive cards in the new YuGiOh set. You can however use these card in a friendly duel with your friends as long as they agree to it! Speaking of dueling with these cards. You can actually buy a full deck based on the anime from this store!

You can buy the complete Yami YuGi Battle City Deck, or even Kibas deck! These would be an amazing addition to anyone’s collection. The store always has discounts going on so the more you buy the more you save. The decks contain an amazing, 45 cards. If you would buy the 45 cards individually that would be $180. They sell the decks at an insanely discounted rate of $155.

I have already bought 5 cards from these guys, and I have to say each time its pure excitement from the moment I order, to the moment I carefully rip open the bubble mailer. I absolutely love this store, and wish I could sell them in my store! (Guys get in contact with us!)

These cards are not only amazing looking, they are very nostalgic, it feels like I’m holding part of my childhood, it feels like I’m a kid again. I’m actually holding the cards they where using in the anime.

Hands down one of the coolest things I’ve bought in a while!

Hour of Devastation: God-Pharaoh

After a fun night of drafting at Kite at North we would like to go over some of the card from Hour Of Devastation! Lets start with my favorite card from the Hour of Devastation. We sadly did not see this card get opened in a pack tonight, but we did see some other awesome cards from the set.

Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh

The $20.00 card from Hour of Devastation, The Planeswalker Nicol Bolas. A 7 drop. With a drop of  -12 each exile each non land permanent your opponent controls. Lets not forget about his other powers. -4 to deal 7 damage.  And A +1 too have each opponent exile two card from their hand.

The Scarab God

This card, made me want to make a new deck. Just reading it I immediately was like, this is gonna be my deck. At the beginning of your upkeep, each opponent losses X life and you cry x, where X is the number of zombies you control. Zombies, grave yard, damage to opponents? Sign me up! Another abbility for 2UB, you can exile a card from your graveyard, and turn it into a zombie.

The Other Planewalkers

This set comes with other Planeswalkers, including another Nicol Bolas, Nissa and Samut. I’m not too into these other cards, as I’m a zombie, grave player. All the other Planeswalkers, are around $5.

Come down to the shop today and get some of the cards from the Hour of Devastation set. We have all the commons, and uncommon cards. We have a few Rares and Mythic right now. But supply is low!

The Other Card That Are Cheap Right Now

Lets look past the pricey cards and look at some of the amazing cards this set that has to offer. Supreme Will. A three drop to do one of the following; Counter Target Spell unless owners pays 3, or Look at the top four cards of your library, and put one into your hand and the rest on the bottom. Only 69 cents.

Protecting Your Cards From Theft

Hello everyone, we would like to remind all our players to make sure they keep all their belongings with them at all times. We have several cases of people leaving a deck box or binder at our shop. Luckily we get these items and put them behind the counter as quickly as possible. You’ll get back your cards, as long as you know what cards there are, or other descriptive things about it.

Now there isn’t a 100% way to make sure nothing you have is ever stolen but we hope this post can deter it. Here are our top three tips to protect your cards from theft.

  1. You Don’t Need All Your Decks With You. So many times, we have people come in here with six decks. We don’t have any tournaments that would require six decks. Take what you need to events. If you are going to a standard tournament, take your standard deck. Maybe take one other deck you want to play with on down time or after the event. Having six decks increase the chance of one getting stole, and the chance of you losing one.
  2. Don’t Have Other People Watch Your Stuff. It is already hard enough to watch your own stuff, but putting it off on someone else who is probably just as busy as you isn’t a good idea. Even if the person is your friend, its easy to forget about something especially if it isn’t your own. I suggest you bring a backpack and have your stuff in there. Of course you will only be carrying a couple decks at most if you listened to the first rule.
  3. Keep Your Around Your Foot. I know this sound funny, but put your backpack shoulder loop through your leg. What this does is, if anyone does try and steal your bag, they would have to lift your foot up, and then take your bag. Which you should notice!

Those our tips to keep your cards safe. We have a small crowd here at Kite at North. So most people that come here and the same people every week, but we do have a couple new people every week. We have yet to have any theft at our store and we would like to keep it at way! We do our part to have cameras and watch people but we need your help too. Don’t bring your full thousand dollar trade binder every day.

Do you have any other tips for people to prevent theft? Left us know!


YuGiOh: The Price is The REAL Crisis

I was online shopping for YuGiOh cards today and was looking at one of the newer sets “Maximum Crisis”. Now I don’t follow YuGiOh very closely but I do still love the game, and everyone here at Kite loves it. i wanted to get back into it so I stared to look into the meta. That then got me shopping on online for some cards. I then I saw it. “Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring” $64! This is YuGiOh so you need to have 3 of the cards. That is close to $200 you will be dropping for a play set of these cards.

Now looking at this card I noted that the price sort of makes sense. Lets look closer at this card. We have a three star, Attack 0, Defense 1800. Effect tuner. The cards effect lets you; during either places turn, when a card/effect is activated, you can discard this card. Now this only counts for certain effects. “Adding cards from deck, special summoning from the deck, sending a card from deck to graveyard.

I’m sure as you all know this isn’t even the most expensive card in this set. If you don’t know, what would you think an $80 card effect would be? A $240 play set of cards. What would this amazing card be?

This amazing card is “Dragonic Diagram” it is a Field spell that powers up all “True Draco” and “True King” monsters. They all get 300+ Attack and Defense. In addition, each time a tribute summoned “true Draco” or “True King” would be destroyed, it is not destroyed. ALSO Once per turn you can destroy one other card you control, or in your hand. If you do that you can add a “True Draco” or “True King” from your deck to your hand.

While we are on the topic of “True Dracos” lets talk about the third most expensive card in this set. “Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King”. This 2950 Attack 2950 Defense creature, (If you have Dragonic Diagram out that is an intimating 3250 / 3250 monster on the field.  Not only is it a powerful attack and defense card. Once per turn during either persons turn, you can banish a spell/trap continues card from your grave and destroy one other card on the field.

So just looking at this Top three cards. Having a Draco deck. Is going to cost you AT LEAST $260 just using the field spell and the Master Peace.

I was very curious to see what a Meta deck is running in price right now. I looked up and found this deck called “True Draco Zoodiacs” it will run you $1,000 for the deck. There are other “True Draco Zoodiacs ” in the $800 range, but for a Draco deck you will be needing to drop $900 average. I guess if you are entering big tournaments, and destroying with the deck over and over. You might be able to get your moneys worth out of it.

But if you are like the rest of us who live in a small town, and don’t want to travel all over the world, playing YuGiOh, we can just keep playing with our $50 – $100 Decks, and never get to play top tier Dracos.

Looking forward to the newst set  Duelist Pack: Dimensional Guardians the highest price card is a modest $4 and that is for Spiral Flame Strike. So that is good news for everyone wanting to play the newest card from the set.

Hopefully Maximum Crisis, is the last Crisis we have for a while!

Possible Leak For Hour of Devastation

Hour of Devastation is the next set that is coming out for the Amonkhet Block. You can read our blog post about the Amonkhet Block if you want to learn more about this set. Now it might be way to early to be talking about the next set already when the last one only came out a month ago, but this set is coming out July 14th, so about a month and a half. We have very little information on the set right now but here is what we know 100%.


We know for a fact that the site is called Hour of Devastation, its the second block to Amonkhet. A little bit more in depth about this set:

  • 184 Cards
  • Prerelease Events – July 8th and 9th
  • Release Date – July 14th
  • Draft -July 15th and 16th

That is all we know for sure. But you already knew all of that right? So lets get into the rumors!


Know I’m going to say this; these are rumors we do not know if they are true or not. It appears that in the last week of May, an image of a deck box was posted on the internet. The only problem was it was in Portuguese. The decks name is “Hora Da Devastacao” which directly translate to “Time Of Devastation”. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the card is going to be just called “Devastation Time”. The card effect is translated to say; “All creatures lose indestructible until end of turn Destroy all creatures”. What a crazy card. So what does that mean for this set?

My Assumptions

You know what they say about making assumptions, but I’m going to do it anyways! So the name of the set is all about Devastation, and the promo card in the deck box is a card that basically can wipe the field no mater what (assuming you are not playing against a counter deck). So I believe of the 184 cards in this set.

20 Lands
10 Shock Lands
70 Creatures
60 Sorceries
24 Instants

I believe most of the creatures (about 30% will have indestructible, or have an ability that will grant them indestructible). Then there will be other creatures that have abilities when they die, (embalmed). The other instants/sorceries will be cards that counter/give indestructible/protect creatures. I’m going to guess there will 10 master piece cards as well.

MtG: The Cards Of Amonkhet

Amonkhet has now been released for over a month and we would like to go over the set with you guys. As always we have all the singles from this set available in the store. From Liliana to Ahn-Crop Crasher. Talk toBrad or Alex in the store.


Amonkhet is the first in the Amonkhet block, released on April 28th this year and is a HUGE set. The set has huge influence from Egyptian themes and Nicol Bolas. So this set was a must have for me being a fan of Bolas and Egypt. The set includes a stunning 269 cards, 15 of those are the Mystics. This set not only features new cards, and amazing art work, it also introduces the new  “punch cards” with markers and counters. We will talk more about the punch cards later. As well as the use of Embalm, Exert and Aftermath.


A Magic the Gathering set isn’t compete without an interesting backstory. Amonkhet is a plane in the world of Magic that is ruled over by Nicol Bolas and features of Trials of the Five Gods. In this desert plane soldiers train their whole life in hopes to take on this Trial to join the eternal world of the after life.

New Mechanics

Not all sets have the honor of introducing a new mechanic but Amonkhet was one of those few that did.

Embalm. This ability can only be used if the creature is current in the graveyard. When Embalm is active the card gets exiled and makes a token copy of itself. This token is the same creature as before but it also is a zombie.

Exert. When you declare an an attack with a creature with this ability you make the simple of choice to either exert or not. If you do chose to exert the creature its gains a bonus, but it won’t untap your next untap phase.

Finally we have Aftermath. This is a mechanic that split cards have and you can only cast them from the graveyard.


These aren’t you normal coffee shop punchcards. I never liked the idea of counters to much they just get to much for me to handle, will the new punchcard fix this for me? Lets take a look at it. So in addition to the random tokens you get in a booster pack you start to get punchcards. These cards are used to keep tabs on your cards. You can punch out each part of the card, (Thus its a Punchcard amazing right?) So you get those punched out pieces and put them on your card. You will notice we have an Embalmed and Exerted tab. As well as -1/-1 counters but what are those box things? Those are called Brick Counters. As of writing this we do not have much information on the brick counters, but we can only assume it has to do with building an artifact maybe?



Well that is a quick recap of the Amonkhet set that came out a month ago. We hope to have more information of the next upcoming set soon. After writing this I got myself all hyped and I’m going to go ahead and bust open a booster box and see what I get.

Setting Up Our Website

Hey everyone! We are just getting our website set up right now. We are hoping to get every up an running this week. We will be using our website to better host and keep our players update about tournaments, have special deals, and be able to get feedback a lot easier now.

If you want to sign up for a tournament or check out stats from previous tournaments check out the tournaments page. In addition we have the Friday Night Magic Monthly standings in the right side bar as that is our most popular event here at Kite.

We also have the contact page so you guys can contact us easier instead of having to message us on social media or driving out to the store. In addition you can always check out the store news page to see if anything has happened to the tournament or if the store is going to be closed.