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Mobile Games of 2018

We are already two months into 2018 and we are seeing some new games and new cheats to be had like the pocket mortys cheats. Today we are going to be looking into other cheats and games.

Mobile Games 2018

Some awesome mobile games of 2018 have hit the market and we are here to talk about them. One of theme is HQ trivia. This simple app lets you answer trivia questions and have a chance to win real money! You will have to answer 12 trivia questions and beat out millions of others. If you do you will split the prize money with everyone else who answered all the questions right.

Another game not yet to come out yet in 2018, is Super Meat Boy Forever. A new game that is a squeal to Super Meat boy, which was just a console game. I’m very excited that a mobile game for super meat boy is coming out and look forward to playing it.

Speaking of other games that are coming from console to mobile, we can also look forward to playing Life is Strange on mobile! The very popular game is now coming to mobile!

Popular Games Heading Into 2018

Some games that may not be coming out in 2018, but will still be popular.

I do not see Pokemon Go. Going Anywhere. (See what I did there?). Anyways

Clash Of Clans, Pocket Mortys. These games are not going anywhere. But things that may be coming for them in 2018 are more cheats for these games. People are contently making new programs, and software, I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of programs are coming in 2018.

Now what?

So what is in store for 2018. I feel like we will be seeing a lot more Virtual Reality games. We will also see more games that use to be console exclusive moved to mobile. I remember when Minecraft first came to mobile and it was unheard of. Now its no surprise so many games are being ported over to mobile.