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Shipping Your Cards Safely

When you are trading cards or just selling them online you need to ship your cards to someone. Shipping cards can be expensive and even more expensive if something happens to your $20 card you mailed out. So how do you make sure you cards get to the location safely?


Tracking is one of the most important things to have when shipping out cards that are valued over $5. This allows you to make sure it is delivered and if anything happens you are insurance with the tracking.

Top Loaders

Even if you have tracking, you cards getting delivered doesn’t mean anything if the card gets damaged in transit. Put your cards in Top Loaders! When I ship out my cards I put the card in a penny sleeve then in a top loaders.

Tons of people add tape to the top loader for extra protection. DO NOT DO THAT. Its supper annoying and your customer might damage the card them selves. Taping the top loader adds no protection.

Bubble Mailer

Instead of a white envelope go with a bubble mailer. They cost $0.75 each and they add more protection to the card. White envelopes can get damaged very easily and water will easily ruin them. Bubble mailers at a lot harder to tear and if they get wet, harder for the cards to get damaged.


Not that many people know about this, but when you ship your card you can ship it as non-machinable. In most cases when you ship a card, it will go through a sorting machine, which will have the bubble mailer go through a mail sorter and may damage the card. To make your package non-machinable you need to make the envelope thicker then 1/4 inch. Which can easily be done with a packing peanut.

Doing this to your cards that you ship out will help them get to people more safley and save you some money. You might think cheeping out on shipping will save you money, but it will only save you $1 each time you ship. But if 1 card gets damaged out of the 25 you send, and that card was $20. You will be glad you took those extra pro cations.