MtG: The Cards Of Amonkhet

Amonkhet has now been released for over a month and we would like to go over the set with you guys. As always we have all the singles from this set available in the store. From Liliana to Ahn-Crop Crasher. Talk toBrad or Alex in the store.


Amonkhet is the first in the Amonkhet block, released on April 28th this year and is a HUGE set. The set has huge influence from Egyptian themes and Nicol Bolas. So this set was a must have for me being a fan of Bolas and Egypt. The set includes a stunning 269 cards, 15 of those are the Mystics. This set not only features new cards, and amazing art work, it also introduces the new¬† “punch cards” with markers and counters. We will talk more about the punch cards later. As well as the use of Embalm, Exert and Aftermath.


A Magic the Gathering set isn’t compete without an interesting backstory. Amonkhet is a plane in the world of Magic that is ruled over by Nicol Bolas and features of Trials of the Five Gods. In this desert plane soldiers train their whole life in hopes to take on this Trial to join the eternal world of the after life.

New Mechanics

Not all sets have the honor of introducing a new mechanic but Amonkhet was one of those few that did.

Embalm. This ability can only be used if the creature is current in the graveyard. When Embalm is active the card gets exiled and makes a token copy of itself. This token is the same creature as before but it also is a zombie.

Exert. When you declare an an attack with a creature with this ability you make the simple of choice to either exert or not. If you do chose to exert the creature its gains a bonus, but it won’t untap your next untap phase.

Finally we have Aftermath. This is a mechanic that split cards have and you can only cast them from the graveyard.


These aren’t you normal coffee shop punchcards. I never liked the idea of counters to much they just get to much for me to handle, will the new punchcard fix this for me? Lets take a look at it. So in addition to the random tokens you get in a booster pack you start to get punchcards. These cards are used to keep tabs on your cards. You can punch out each part of the card, (Thus its a Punchcard amazing right?) So you get those punched out pieces and put them on your card. You will notice we have an Embalmed and Exerted tab. As well as -1/-1 counters but what are those box things?¬†Those are called Brick Counters. As of writing this we do not have much information on the brick counters, but we can only assume it has to do with building an artifact maybe?



Well that is a quick recap of the Amonkhet set that came out a month ago. We hope to have more information of the next upcoming set soon. After writing this I got myself all hyped and I’m going to go ahead and bust open a booster box and see what I get.