Now Accepting Ripple as Payment

Kite at North is now accepting ripple as payment! If you need help on how to buy ripple with credit card check out the following guide. We strongly support Ripple and what it will be used for and stand for. That is why we are adding it as a payment option in store!

So how will you pay using ripple? We will have our QR code at checkout. All you have to do is scan the code with your phone and send us the money in Ripple. Ripple is in our opinion the best Crypto out there right now, that is why we believe in it and are accepted it as a form of payment.

In fact we are so excited about ripple that we are giving anyone who buys cards with ripple 10% off your whole order! That’s right 10% off just for using Ripple!

Again check out this guide on how to buy ripple with a debit card or credit card.

Now this of course brings open other questions like are we going to start to accept other cryptos? We will if people want them. If we get a ton of requests from people that are like; “We want you to accept etheruem!” We will listen! We just need to know what you guys want!

I do not think we will be accepting bitcoin. It can change in price by the $100s and we can’t risk that. I hope everyone is okay with that and understands!