Old School YuGiOh Cards

Hey Old School YuGiOh fans we have good news for you! Have you ever heard of YuGiOh Orica cards? Well if you haven’t you are in for a real treat. A group of awesome people started up this company and they make YuGiOh cards. Now these aren’t just normal YuGiOh cards. These cards look like the came right out of the English Dubbed YuGiOh anime.

For example lets take a look at the screen shot from the anime. From Episode 29, Season 1, Duel Identity. Above is an image of YuGi’s Summoned Skull card. And then we have the image from YuGiOh Oricas. As you can see these cards are made to look exactly like they did in the Anime. The backing of the card uses an Official YuGiOh TCG card backing and feels like a real card.

We ordered a couple cards and here is our experience:

The cards came in a bubble mailer, and the card was in a top loader and penny sleeve. So even though shipping is free in the US on this store. They are not cutting corners and just mailing you a card in an envelope and hoping nothing happens to it. Enough about the packing, lets get to the card.

The card feels just like a real card, and looks amazing. I personally love keeping it in the penny sleeve and top loader and just displaying it as is. They look amazing, and really make a statement.

Now these cards are actually not tournament legal so don’t think you can order a $100 card, like the ones we discussed in our article about the expensive cards in the new YuGiOh set. You can however use these card in a friendly duel with your friends as long as they agree to it! Speaking of dueling with these cards. You can actually buy a full deck based on the anime from this store!

You can buy the complete Yami YuGi Battle City Deck, or even Kibas deck! These would be an amazing addition to anyone’s collection. The store always has discounts going on so the more you buy the more you save. The decks contain an amazing, 45 cards. If you would buy the 45 cards individually that would be $180. They sell the decks at an insanely discounted rate of $155.

I have already bought 5 cards from these guys, and I have to say each time its pure excitement from the moment I order, to the moment I carefully rip open the bubble mailer. I absolutely love this store, and wish I could sell them in my store! (Guys get in contact with us!)

These cards are not only amazing looking, they are very nostalgic, it feels like I’m holding part of my childhood, it feels like I’m a kid again. I’m actually holding the cards they where using in the anime.

Hands down one of the coolest things I’ve bought in a while!