Kite@North Gaming would like to reward its players for their loyalty to the shop. We offer K@NG Bucks. Its simple program we started using right from the start of the business. For ever $50 you spend we will give you $5 K@NG Bucks! These can only be used in the store. You are allowed to enter tournaments with them and buying anything from the store! We keep track of your spending so if you spend $40 one day and then come in next week and spend $10. You will still get the $5 K@NG Bucks!

You can also earn K@NG Bucks for winning tournaments.

1st Place – $25 K@NG Bucks

2nd Place – $15 K@NG Bucks

3rd Place – $5 K@NG Bucks

In addition to K@NG Bucks we also have various sales going on like 10% Off All Singles, or earn $5 K@NG Bucks when you buy a booster box! So make sure you check out our website every day!