Every week Kite@North Gaming has several tournaments going on. We offer both YuGiOh and Magic The Gathering Tournaments. All tournaments have a $5 entry fee. Please check out all the rules for the tournaments below.


K@NG Rules

  1. All Decks Must be sleeved, no transparent sleeves allowed.
  2. No food or drinks on the card tables
  3. Judges will count your deck at the start of the tournament
  4. Any questions by the judges must be answered
  5. Any time a judge request to see your deck you must give them your deck
  6. Any cheating of any kind will forfeit your $5 and you will not be allowed in the store again
  7. No swearing or bad sportsman ship
  8. Ask before you touch someone else cards
  9. Make sure your opponent hears you and knows what is going on and answer any questions they have (If they have the right to know)